To give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of JOY for mourning. ~ Isaiah 61:3

Grapefruit Essential Oil


15 ML
100% pure grapefruit essential oil is commonly used both topically and in aromatherapy.  Research suggests that using this citrus oil may balance mood, decrease blood pressure, and relieve stress, disinfecting surfaces, cleansing the body, reducing depression, stimulating the immune system, decreasing fluid retention, curbing sugar cravings, helping with weight loss


For decades, we’ve realized that consuming grapefruit can help promote a healthy weight. However, using grapefruit essential oil for healthy weight management† (in addition to an overall healthy diet and lifestyle, including regular exercise) is becoming more popular.

Like all other citrus fruits, grapefruit essential oil is found in its peel and is extracted via a cold-pressing process. Many of its beneficial properties mirror those of the essential oils of other citrus fruits. Having been used for centuries to support health in a variety of ways, including promoting a healthy weight, grapefruit essential oil still boasts those benefits.

As one of the most versatile essential oils, the aroma of grapefruit oil is clean, fresh and a bit bitter, which reflects the fruit itself. It has the signature taste and smell of citrus fruits, which is why many people like using it in natural household cleaning products, homemade beauty lotions, soaps and more.

Grapefruit oil is naturally brimming with antioxidants and phytochemicals, and many of its benefits are due to one of its main constituents called limonene, which comprises approximately 88 percent to 95 percent of the oil.

Additionally, grapefruit essential oil features other potent antioxidants such as vitamin C, myrcene, terpinene, pinene and citronellol.

Grapefruit essential oil is a potent extract derived from the Citrus paradisi grapefruit plant. It’s been used for centuries to help reduce inflammation, weight gain, sugar cravings and even hangover symptoms. Plus, it’s considered a natural stress-fighter, anti-inflammatory agent, antioxidant and anticarcinogenic agent.
The top benefits of grapefruit essential oil includes its ability to:
help boost weight loss
work as a natural antibacterial agent
help reduce stress
help to relieve hangover symptoms
reduce sugar cravings
boost circulation and reduce inflammation
aid digestion
work as a natural energizer and mood booster
help to fight acne and improve skin health
improve hair health
enhance flavor
Grapefruit essential oil can be used aromatically, topically (when diluted with a carrier oil) and internally (when using a 100 percent pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil). When using grapefruit oil internally, remember that you only need 1-2 drops and excessive amounts can be toxic.

STRICT QUALITY CONTROL: Knowing where the essential oil you purchase come from is key. In addition to where, Ash&Oil feels what you are buying is even more important. Ash&Oil will never pass off a Commercial Synthetic Grade oil in place of a 100% PURE & NATURAL QUALITY just to gain a sale and beat out a competitor’s price. “WE NEVER SACRIFICE QUALITY FOR PRICE”. We feel transparency is key and will always make sure a customer is aware of what exactly they are purchasing.  In addition to this, the technical documentation, we provide also helps with tracing a product back to its origin. Upon request, we provide Certificates of Analysis, MSDS, Country of Origin, and Natural Certificates for each essential oil we carry.  We take essential oil quality very seriously.  All of the essential oils we sell are unsprayed, wildcrafted or certified kosher through our source.  quality control measures to make sure it meets our high

Disclaimer: For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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